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MemryX, collaborate on reducing deployment times for AI models on edge hardware systems

MemryX, collaborate on reducing deployment times for AI models on edge hardware systems

MemryX, a provider of AI accelerators for edge devices, has teamed up with to offer a faster way for developers to develop and deploy AI models on MemryX’s advanced AI chips. According to the company, the deployment period is now reduced from weeks to days.

Memryx customers can now use’s software platform to compress and automatically deploy AI models on edge hardware systems. According to the companies, the partnership speeds up the creation and testing of AI algorithms. Also, it takes advantage of MemryX’s edge device architecture. Company executives say this architecture offers high performance, low power usage and low latency.

“’s optimized and compressed AI models targeted to run on our AI accelerators deliver a cost-effective and highly performant solution. We’re thrilled to partner with because they have a proven solution stack, and together, we can enable the next generation of edge AI solutions,” says Keith Kressin, the president and CEO of MemryX.

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MemryX edge devices are designed for high-performance industrial and IoT applications and support the most popular AI frameworks, such as PyTorch, ONNX and TensorFlow. Additionally, they operate on modern operating systems like Linux, Windows and Android.

“Our partnership with MemryX allows AI developers to move from development to deployment more quickly,” says Myungsu Chae, the CEO of “And enables new features to be quickly integrated into their AI stack.”

MemryX recently partnered with Edge Impulse to facilitate the development of AI models on MemryX’s edge computing chipsets. The company says this partnership will help its customers leverage scalability, compatibility and flexibility while catering to various industries like transportation, IoT, and robotics.

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