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NS1 joins Intel Network Builders, brings application management smarts to edge ecosystem

NS1 joins Intel Network Builders, brings application management smarts to edge ecosystem

NS1, a provider of managed DNS services and application traffic intelligence and automation, recently joined the Intel Network Builders program. With access to the program, NS1 can use Intel technology and virtual labs to boost product innovation and development. Ecosystem partners, in turn, can leverage NS1’s tools to improve content and application delivery while maintaining speed, reliability and security.

As part of the Network Edge Ecosystem, Intel Network Builders offers programs for ecosystem partners that can leverage the service-enabling capabilities of the Intel suite of products. Intel says the program provides hands-on support for technical enablement with access to virtual labs for testing and product optimization. The Intel Network Edge Ecosystem brings technology companies together to create a high-performance solution for edge networking with Intel hardware platforms.

“Companies are increasingly turning to the edge in order to meet unprecedented demands for flawless digital connections, but the boundaries of modern infrastructure are constantly being pushed to their limits,” said Bill Lapcevic, senior vice president of business development, NS1. “Companies at the forefront of innovation like NS1 and Intel have a responsibility to develop new ways to meet and exceed digital expectations in order for our digital economy to thrive.”

Specifically, companies in the program can access Intel accelerators and other solutions, including ethernet, memory, and storage for specific applications. Intel has also included member firms in its Smart Edge Portfolio, which was designed specifically for organizations that want to use Intel’s infrastructure and architecture for their edge needs.

The Intel Network Builders is a collaborative space where partners test their solution performance against Intel products and develop precise configuration platforms.

NS1 recently announced the Smart Network Control solution availability through AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog listing software from independent software vendors for simplified purchasing and deployment purposes.

The company recently added new executives to the team, including Dawn Glamm in the senior vice president of engineering and operations role. Other recruits are Reginald Best as vice president of product management and marketing, Bill Lapcevic as senior vice president of business development, and Mark Coleman as general manager of NetBox.

“We’re thankful for Intel’s invitation to be a part of this program and work with many of the industry’s most transformative companies to redefine the future of edge,” Lapcevic said.

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