SmartCow offers new Ultron edge AI platform based on Nvidia Jetson hardware

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SmartCow, a designer of AI-based video analytics, AIoT devices and smart city solutions, recently released Ultron, an edge AI platform with sensor fusion capability to harness high computing power. The company envisions the new hardware to be suitable for industrial edge applications, Smart City and autonomous infrastructure use.

SmartCow Ultron is powered by the Nvidia Jetson hardware platform. For AI vision applications, SmartCow Ultron provides high computing performance with low latency in various configurations. The company notes that sensor fusion technology — the ability to take data from multiple types of sensors — is preferred for industrial applications due to its flexibility and robustness. SmartCow engineers also developed a unified software platform for the Ultron hardware solution that combines industrial functionalities for machine vision, sensor fusion, AIoT, and robotics.

“With Ultron, we want to change the development and deployment of automation and autonomous infrastructure for smart factories, Industry 5.0, traffic management, smart cities, smart buildings, and agricultural settings, with a state-of-the-art computing and sensor fusion platform that goes beyond the capabilities of traditional industry-grade devices,” said Ravi Kiran, CEO of SmartCow.

The software integrates the Nvidia DeepStream software development kit, a low-code software solution used to create real-time vision AI pipelines using a Graph composer. The support for I/O control, computer vision, and video analytics provides the necessary functionality to deliver sensor fusion features in the form of libraries and APIs.

Some of the key features of the Ultron hardware platform are edge computing capabilities, rich wireless connectivity options, advanced AI capabilities, high interoperability, and support for several programming languages. The hardware supports 5G and Wi-Fi wireless configurations for wireless data transmission, leveraging the high-performance power of Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX and Orin NX.

“To easily integrate edge AI with flexible industrial automation technology, SmartCow provides the solution of the Jetson-based sensor fusion platform, applicable for a wide range of industries,” Kiran further added.

Last month, the company announced a new AIoT device management platform called FleetTrackr. Using a hybrid cloud, this solution offers simplified deployment and centralized management of edge AI systems. The device management platform allows users to manage, monitor, and update edge devices over the air. SmartCow Ultron works with FleetTrackr to monitor operating parameters that include machine productivity, operating temperature, and alarm protocols.

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