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Hailo raises $120 million and launches Hailo-10 GenAI accelerator

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Hailo raises $120 million and launches Hailo-10 GenAI accelerator

Hailo has secured $120 million in its Series C funding round, bringing the total to over $340 million, which showcases the investors’ confidence in its vision technology. Along with this announcement, Hailo has also launched its Hailo-10 GenAI accelerator.

With the increasing interest of embedded device manufacturers in edge solutions for generative AI, Hailo has strategically positioned itself to meet the growing demand for GenAI applications. The Hailo-10 architecture is designed to deliver optimal GenAI performance with minimal power requirements, effectively tackling the challenge of running large language models (LLMs) on edge devices with limited resources.

“Together with the introduction of our Hailo-10 GenAI accelerator, it strategically positions us to bring classic and generative AI to edge devices in ways that will significantly expand the reach and impact of this remarkable new technology,” says Orr Danon, CEO and co-founder at Hailo.

According to Hailo, their Hailo-10 GenAI accelerator offers high performance-to-cost and performance-to-power consumption ratios. Additionally, it is compatible with the software suite utilized by other Hailo accelerators, such as the Hailo-8 and Hailo-15.

Hailo’s claims that the accelerator performance is backed up by its ability to run the Llama2-7B model at speeds of up to 10 tokens per second (TPS) and process images using Stable Diffusion 2.1 in less than 5 seconds. The Hailo-10 is capable of delivering up to 40 TOPS, making it a compelling solution for those seeking high-performance AI acceleration.

“We designed Hailo-10 to seamlessly integrate GenAI capabilities into users’ daily lives, freeing users from cloud network constraints. This empowers them to utilize chatbots, copilots, and other emerging content generation tools with unparalleled flexibility and immediacy, enhancing productivity and enriching lives,” Danon explains.

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