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New integrations for Edgegap platform to simplify multiplayer game development

New integrations for Edgegap platform to simplify multiplayer game development

Edgegap, a Canada-based edge computing industry and infrastructure automation company, has announced a series of new integrations for its platform. These integrations will help developers streamline their multiplayer game development process, and make launching games quicker and easier.

Specifically, the company plans to integrate seven well-known netcodes for multiplayer and online gaming, including the recently released netcodes, Unity Netcode for GameObjects and Photon Fusion.

The netcode integrations include:

  • Mirror networking: Mirror is an open-source project that uses Unity’s UNET. It is free and simple to use.
  • Fish-Networking: Fish-Networking is a Unity-based networking library that is open-source and rich in features, initially based on the Mirror networking project.
  • Proudnet: A netcode designed for large MMOs, used by some of the largest games coming from Korea and Japan.
  • Unity Netcode for Game Object: Netcode for GameObjects is a Unity-built networking library that allows developers to quickly send data to all players simultaneously.
  • Unreal Networking: Unreal Engine is both efficient and feature-rich, making it the go-to engine for most Unreal games.
  • Photon Fusion: A state synchronization networking library for Unity, supporting two fundamentally different network topologies with data compression and lag compensation.
  • Photon Bolt: A networking library with a built-in event system and state replication engine that can automatically synchronize object transforms and user-definable properties.

With these netcode integrations, developers using Edgegap’s managed platform will be able to more easily and quickly build multiplayer games and distribute them worldwide, while also minimizing latency and engineering resources.

Netcode integration and testing online features can be a costly, weeks-long process. By integrating popular netcode samples and integrations into its platform, Edgegap has significantly reduced the workload for developers. This means that a game server can be deployed and ready to test within hours or even minutes.

With these new integrations, executives say that Edgegap is democratizing the creation of multiplayer games, making it easier for developers to use complex infrastructure and get their games in front of players more quickly.

Mathieu Duperré, CEO and founder of Edgegap, commented on the new integrations, saying: “We are extremely excited to offer these powerful networking tools for free to developers in the gaming space. Our goal is to help democratize the development and distribution of multiplayer games by offering our automated platform that makes it easy for anyone to build and host their multiplayer games.”

According to the company, Edgegap provides an easy-to-use, container-based platform for game developers to build, release, and maintain multiplayer games worldwide. Edgegap supplies developers with the necessary tools to create an exceptional online gaming experience with low latency and minimal effort, the company says.

Last year, Edgegap announced a $7 million Series A investment led by Konvoy Ventures. Other participants included San Francisco-based early-stage venture capital fund GFR Fund, Liberty Global, and Akamai. Edgegap stated that the funds would allow the company to grow its team and further develop an edge infrastructure platform designed to lower latency for online gaming.

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