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Huawei uses edge computing for oil & gas network, smart gas station solutions

Huawei uses edge computing for oil & gas network, smart gas station solutions

At Huawei Connect 2022, held in Dubai, Huawei unveiled its newest oil and gas industry solutions. At the conference, Huawei unveiled two oil and gas solutions designed for specific applications: Integrated Oil & Gas Field Network and Smart Gas Station.

Huawei’s network architecture for oil field systems allows users to manage and secure networks. For its other project, Huawei used its technological skills to develop a central digital platform that would digitize gas stations.

Huawei notes that oil field network systems face several challenges. For example, some of the typical problems that can arise are messy network architectures, multiple network layers, tough operability and maintenance concerns and low reliability. To address these issues, the company used a combination of edge computing, AI, hard pipe isolation, and IPv6+ (the next-generation IP network protocol) to offer an integrated, unified network architecture.

According to the company, with central management, customers can easily monitor and check individual end devices for maintenance — making network-wide device management both feasible and visible. The unified network architecture provides multiple services on one physical network, reducing enterprise investment. These services include production, video, office and community.

Huawei said that gas stations are integral to digital transformation efforts regarding new business applications and expanding customer value. The company has integrated its technical capabilities to build a smart gas station solution. The developed solution is a comprehensive analysis and display platform that allows retail oil companies to manage station data remotely.

Huawei has also created an edge platform that is intelligently integrated and converged, based on FusionCube. This will allow for edge intelligent convergence. The platform integrates with the infrastructure and service systems of gas stations to enable simplified O&M. By integrating computing, storage, network, and AI algorithms, the system can deliver IoT and sensing for various service requirements.

Huawei said it recently helped Stc Bahrain launch the Kingdom of Bahrain’s first-ever standalone 5G network. Huawei’s role in the partnership was to help deploy higher complexity wireless communication technologies such as 5G eMMB, URLLC and mMTC for security, transportation, banking, manufacturing, petroleum and healthcare sectors.

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