EdgeIR Fireside Chat: Edgegap on making edge infrastructure easier for gaming, enterprise markets

A new episode of Edge Industry Review’s Fireside Chat interviews is now available. In this conversation, we talk about using edge computing to reduce latency for online games with Edgegap, a provider of edge infrastructure services.

We talk with the company’s CEO, Mathieu Duperré, about how the Montreal, Canada-based company is continuing to expand in the gaming industry, but also seeks to help enterprises with edge computing as well.

The full interview is available on our YouTube channel here and on Vimeo here.

Show timestamps

(00:44) A description of latency and gaming and why technologies such as CDN haven’t completely solved the latency challenge.

(05:35) Why game developers have challenges in leveraging edge computing platforms.

(08:58) The challenges of building an edge computing platform and how Edgegap solved those challenges.

(12:13) On building a global platform without an excess of venture capital funding.

(17:22) The opportunities and challenges of the metaverse; timing of market development.

(23:43) The challenge of securing edge applications and why Edgegap is offering built-in DDoS mitigation for customers.

(31:42) Opportunities in the enterprise and how Edgegap is differentiating from competitors who are offering edge infrastructure and orchestration solutions.

(40:53) Thoughts on technology and sales partnerships for the enterprise computing market. You can watch the full interview on our YouTube channel.


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