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Namla commits to 5G Open Innovation Lab’s batch 8 to boost 5G advances

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Namla commits to 5G Open Innovation Lab’s batch 8 to boost 5G advances

Namla, a startup specializing in cloud-to-edge computing solutions, has joined the 5G Open Innovation Lab’s 5G OI Lab 8th Batch, among 17 other companies.

These selected participants are expected to amplify 5G’s potential, with collective innovations driving the ecosystem forward. To date, the Lab has fostered over 118 multi-stage companies that have raised over $2.0 billion in capital.

Rabah Guedrez, the CEO of Namla, expresses his optimism about the announcement.

“This is an incredible opportunity for Namla to not only harness the potential of 5G but also to contribute to an ecosystem set to redefine the boundaries of technology and connectivity,” Guedrez states.

Elsewhere, 5G Open Innovation Lab announced that global telecommunication providers AT&T and Comcast have joined its innovation ecosystem as founding partners.

According to Namla, the company aims to bridge the gap between the edge and the cloud, empowering companies to deploy and manage thousands of edges optimally.

Namla says its involvement in the Lab showcases its dedication to bolstering the 5G ecosystem. Company executives say they are committed to accelerating edge computing adoption, collaborating with partners for new use cases and developing Proof of Concepts (PoCs).

Namla asserts that 5G is the epitome of connectivity and computing advancement and will have an anticipated investment of $1.5 trillion by 2030. The 5G platform offers fast bandwidth and minimal latency. It unlocks various possibilities, including self-driving cars and advanced AI data processing.

This 5G evolution mirrors past tech advancements by Microsoft, Nvidia and Apple, which leveraged new platforms for growth, Namla says.

This summer, Namla made headlines for joining forces with Supermicro, a provider of servers, storage, 5G and edge solutions. Together, they claim to offer a robust solution for deploying and managing distributed edge infrastructure for large enterprises that prioritizes security and safeguards critical infrastructure.

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