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Namla, Supermicro join forces to optimize edge infrastructure management

Namla, Supermicro join forces to optimize edge infrastructure management

Namla, a startup specializing in cloud-to-edge computing solutions, has partnered with Supermicro, a manufacturer of servers, storage, 5G and edge solutions.

Together, they aim to offer a comprehensive solution for efficiently deploying and managing distributed edge infrastructure to large enterprises. By capitalizing on each other’s strengths, both companies deliver an edge ecosystem that enhances security and protects critical infrastructure.

The joint effort between Namla and Supermicro aims to serve various industries, including retail, oil and gas, manufacturing and smart buildings. Specifically, within the context of Industry 4.0, the collaboration streamlines the deployment and orchestration of applications like visual inspection, defect detection and predictive maintenance. Video surveillance, retail and oil and gas are among the use cases the two companies are targeting.

Namla’s edge orchestration platform provides a zero-touch deployment experience, eliminating the need for manual configuration and allowing for efficient management of remotely deployed edge devices. This functionality will enable companies to efficiently monitor edge devices across various geographical locations, eliminating on-site visits.

Additionally, the platform provides a unified interface that allows users to oversee the entire edge infrastructure from a single control panel. The company says this integrated deployment, management and monitoring approach reduces downtime and operational expenses.

In addition to the edge orchestration platform, Namla offers two other edge products, the Namla Operating System (NOS) and the Namla edge platform architecture. Based on Linux, the NOS is designed for edge hardware with constrained compute capabilities. It serves as a central agent in the management and orchestration of edge devices. Emphasizing security, the operating system ensures that only trusted and authorized devices can connect to the edge infrastructure.

While Namla focuses on edge computing, it also emphasizes cloud services. The company believes that this integration is crucial for a seamless deployment ecosystem. According to Namla, its Kubernetes-based containerized orchestration platform enables efficient deployment of cloud-native applications across diverse edge devices without reconfiguring applications on each device.

Last year, Namla raised €1.2 million in funding to expand across Europe and other countries. The financial assistance also enables the company to recruit highly skilled professionals, fostering future innovation within cloud-edge solutions.


The Supermicro partnership could be a boon for Namla. Supermicro recorded $7.12 billion in revenue for fiscal 2023 versus $5.20 billion for the prior year. The company, while not as well-known a brand as companies such as Dell and HPE, is a large supplier of servers and storage hardware to cloud providers and enterprises. Executives have shared that 5G and edge are currently around 5% of overall business — a small portion of Supermicro’s overall business but a very sizeable base of revenue and customers compared to most of the edge orchestration companies in the market. Being able to leverage Supermicro’s customer base and sales channels looks to be an excellent opportunity for Namla.

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