Deploying AI Models at the Edge

Indian tech firm KaleidEO demos edge computing in space

Indian tech firm KaleidEO demos edge computing in space

Bengaluru-based firm KaleidEO Space Systems has become the first company in India to illustrate the use of edge computing in orbit. The company employed deep learning algorithms to analyze imagery captured from orbit.

KaleidEO, a subsidiary of SatSure Analytics, achieved this feat by partnering with Satellogic, a satellite constellation and data provider company from Montevideo, Uruguay and Spiral Blue. This Sydney-based startup provided the necessary hardware and support for the algorithms.

Edge computing enables real-time data analysis at the source, significantly reducing the amount of data that needs to be transmitted back to Earth. The company says this technology improves efficiency by 80 times and reduces data volume by 99%.

The company is planning to launch a fleet of four satellites in 2025. The next step for the company is the aerial testing of its high-resolution, high-swath optical and multi-spectral payload, KaleidEO executives say.

According to the company, insights gained through this new edge computing capability will enable the company to provide real-time assistance to governments, helping to address national security concerns and disaster responses more effectively.

SatSure secured $15 million in Series A funding at the end of August, with Baring Private Equity Partners leading the round.

In related news, Spiral Blue launched artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms from space this June, providing operational data to Australians. According to Spiral Blue, it was the first Australian company to successfully operate a space edge computer, opening up new AI-driven ways to monitor and understand our planet.

The Spiral Blue Space Edge One (SE-1) computer is a compact device designed for space, enabling AI algorithms for real-time analysis based on earth observation data. Launched in April 2023, the company says it optimizes earth observation missions, enhances data accuracy and provides timely insights for various applications.

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