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MaxLinear, EdgeQ partner to offer advanced small-cell solution for future of 5G

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MaxLinear, a company offering electronic integrated circuits for connectivity infrastructure, has collaborated with EdgeQ, a 5G system-on-a-chip solutions provider, to deliver an advanced small-cell solution designed for edge computing applications.

EdgeQ claims the small cell platform is up to 50 percent more efficient than other infrastructure in facilitating the transition from 4G to 5G.

The small cell base station combines EdgeQ’s 5G base station-on-a-chip with MaxLinear’s MXL1600 RF transceiver and MaxLIN wideband digital pre-distortion solution. The partnership yields a programmable software-defined platform, providing compute power for IoT and edge applications and 4G and 5G capabilities.

“We are excited to partner with EdgeQ and look forward to enabling our customers together with this transformative new small cell development platform,” says Gerry Leavey, senior director of Wireless Infrastructure. “Combining our complementary components will enable our shared customers to leapfrog their competition and accelerate the deployment of small cells publicly and privately.”

A 5G small cell is a wireless access point designed to provide high-speed and low-latency wireless connectivity to support emerging technologies such as IoT, autonomous vehicles and edge computing. These small cells play a crucial role in edge computing by providing a distributed computing infrastructure, enabling real-time processing of edge data, reducing latency and enhancing network performance.

According to the company, the EdgeQ Base Station-on-a-Chip comes with multi-node 4G and 5G baseband processing and a CPU, protocol accelerator, NPU and AI capabilities. On the other hand, the MaxLinear MXL1600 RF transceiver has a low power consumption of up to 50 percent lower than similar products available in the market.

“Coupling MaxLinear’s high-performance, low-power RF chipset and class-leading DPD algorithms with EdgeQ’s enterprise class, the fully-programmable platform will drive the industry towards a singular, software-defined solution that can be dynamically adaptive to the rich, evolving needs of 5G applications,” says Edward Wu, the head of marketing at EdgeQ.

Last September, EdgeQ collaborated with the cloud-native network software provider Mavenir to provide dual 4G and 5G connectivity for small business cell markets.

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