Infosys launches Private 5G-as-a-Service, talks up HPE partnership 

Infosys launches Private 5G-as-a-Service, talks up HPE partnership 

Infosys, a global digital services and consulting firm, has launched private 5G-as-a-Service technology to accelerate enterprise digital transformation. This 5G solution integrates multi-access edge computing, which helps reduce network lag by minimizing the data processing time. 

A private 5G connectivity delivery offered in an as-a-service model is a cloud-based connectivity solution that allows businesses to leverage 5G technology without building and maintaining their own network infrastructure. The solution provides a network tailored to meet specific demands and preferences while fully controlling its security and performance.

“At Infosys, we are leveraging our global 5G expertise to deliver reliable, secure, and cost-effective Private 5G as-a-service, with an agile delivery approach, says Dinesh Rao, the executive vice president and co-head of delivery at Infosys. “This is aimed at supporting our clients in their transformation journey and helping them derive business benefits.”

According to the company, the Private 5G-as-a-Service technology will be built on a modular architecture, allowing flexibility and customization based on each client’s needs. Meanwhile, Infosys’ Private Network Management solution provides businesses with dependable wireless connectivity, enhanced performance and low latency.

For instance, the company says its network can support high-bandwidth requirements, such as remote-guided vehicles, drone analytics in real-time, media and video processing, metaverse solutions and different IoT and industrial IoT applications. 

By teaming up with its partner ecosystem, Infosys says it can also offer faster time-to-market and a lower total cost of ownership for private 5G rollouts.

As a real-world example, Infosys and HPE are working together to combine HPE’s private 5G solutions with Infosys’ as-a-Service offering. “Enterprises see Private 5G as an enabler for their digital transformation, and the Infosys approach of vertically aligned pre-integrated business solutions can accelerate 5G adoption,” explains Mark Colaluca, HPE vice president and general manager for communication technology.

Through Private 5G-as-a-Service, businesses can benefit from network slicing that divides the private 5G system into multiple virtual networks. This feature allows applications with varying performance and security levels to be efficiently supported.

“Our customizable solutions for vertical domains will help customers succeed in a competitive landscape. At the same time, we will continue to collaborate with industry bodies and consortiums,” Rao adds.

In 2022, HPE released a new series of applications, analytics, and developer services for its edge-to-cloud GreenLake platform. The platform also supports infrastructure-as-a-code and cloud-native toolchains for DevOps and CI/CD environments.

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