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Axelera AI rolls out YOLO-fueled edge AI video analytics at CES 2024

Axelera AI rolls out YOLO-fueled edge AI video analytics at CES 2024

Axelera AI recently introduced YOLO performance for edge AI video analytics at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to the company, Axelera AI customers can soon leverage YOLO (You Only Look Once) neural networks for edge AI computer vision applications, unlocking opportunities for edge deployment through the Metis AI Platform.

Integrating YOLO into the Metis AI Platform is a significant achievement in edge AI inference, according to Fabrizio Del Maffeo, the CEO and co-founder of Axelera AI.

“As more and more customers harness the advantages of AI, computer vision models like YOLO and the Metis AI Platform enable applications previously constrained by computational power,” Del Maffeo notes.

The Metis AI Platform offers edge AI-native hardware and software solutions for companies across various industries. It is being utilized by Early Access Program customers to enhance their products and stand out in their respective fields.

Eric Chen, the CEO of Relay2, Inc says that low power consumption and high inference accuracy of Axelera Metis AIPU enables Relay2’s Service Point to process surveillance videos onsite and generate real-time analytics.

“This integrated solution facilitates immediate responses to onsite incidents and reduces CAPEX and OPEX for our retail and industrial customers,” Chen continues.

The Metis AI Platform with YOLOv5s network provides an object detection video analytics pipeline, running at 480 frames per second. The entire platform from Axelera AI, set to launch in mid-2024, offers performance of up to 800 frames per second. With 99% precision matching the original model, it provides energy efficiency and cost savings that are 4-5 times greater than GPU-based inference models, the company says.

Andrea Gozzi, the general manager of System Electronics/Coesia Group says: “Our partnership with Axelera AI not only ensures that we meet customers’ current needs but also helps future-proof their deployment at the edge by providing a best-in-class solution.”

The solution was recently recognized as a CES 2024 Innovation Awards Honoree and is currently being showcased at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Axelera AI’s Metis AI platform offers a user-friendly hardware and software solution for edge AI inference, making computer vision applications more accessible. With a global presence and a team of experts, Axelera AI says it is at the forefront of AI technology innovation.

Last year, Axelera AI formed a consortium of investors to support its edge AI chip design and software. The company has secured $50 million to date, building upon its previous $27 million raised in Series A funding. The company planned to use the money to fuel the expansion of its edge AI acceleration platform.

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