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Lightbend wants to simplify cloud and edge application development with Kalix PaaS

Lightbend wants to simplify cloud and edge application development with Kalix PaaS

Lightbend, a provider of cloud-native microservice frameworks for cloud and edge applications, has announced the launch of Kalix, a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) approach to simplify cloud-based application development. The platform aims to deliver a new programming model and comprehensive Developer Experience (DX), enabling developers to build cloud-native applications without the need for databases.

“Kubernetes does an excellent job managing, orchestrating, and ensuring availability and scalability of containers, but that’s only half the story,” said Jonas Bonér, founder and CEO at Lightbend. “There needs to be an equal investment in the application layer to make it easier for the developer to build complete applications that take full advantage of all the excellent underlying cloud infrastructure we have at our disposal. Kalix is the solution to this critical issue.”

The current serverless models have left developers with several software development kits and APIs that should be learned before usage. The challenges faced by developers to maintain end-to-end correctness, data integrity, and consistency while ensuring efficiency, scalability, and availability are beyond the capacity of many developers.

However, Kalix has an underlying cloud infrastructure for maintaining application requirements and allows developers to build mission-critical applications in a serverless architecture. Kalix brings the integration of databases, message brokers, caches, service meshes, API gateways, blob storages, CDN networks, and CI/CD products into a unified programming model, according to executives.

“The simple truth is most enterprise development teams do not have the skill set required to build mission-critical applications leveraging Kubernetes,” said William Fellows, research director, Cloud Native for 451 Research. “For true mission-critical applications to become common in the cloud, new platforms that abstract the complexity are required. Kalix is doing just that.”

The platform mitigates the problems faced by organizations to take advantage of cloud infrastructures, such as managing local and distributed data with consistency and integrity, ensuring adaptive co-location of data, compute and end-user, and integration with other systems. Kalix service offerings claim to enable developers to build data-driven, real-time, and cloud-native applications.

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