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EdgeX Foundry IoT framework gets new metrics, security, device profile features

EdgeX Foundry celebrated its fifth anniversary with the tenth update to its internet of things (IoT) edge framework featuring metrics support, security token features, and dynamic device profiles, among other new additions.

The update, codenamed ‘Kamakura,’ is version 2.2 of EdgeX. It will feature several new features, including:

  • A beta of a microservice metrics/telemetry collection capability to ease the monitoring of EdgeX services.
  • Delayed start services to allow services to be added and started and still receive security tokens without needing a platform restart.
  • Improved command capabilities for camera device services.
  • Dynamic device profiles to enable modification without needing to remove and re-add devices and sensors.

The organization also said version 2 of the command-line interface will add compatibility with EdgeX 2.X releases with coverage of REST APIs.

“Many new startup businesses don’t last 5 years, and for EdgeX to reach its fifth birthday while consistently releasing twice a year since its inception is quite the achievement,” comments Jim White, chairman of the EdgeX Foundry Technical Steering Committee and chief technology officer of IoTSystems. “The project continues to see global adoption growth, especially in places like China, and its success is a testament to both the need for an open edge/IoT platform, as well as the dedication and support of a fantastic development community.”

EdgeX is a project under the LF Edge umbrella organization within the Linux Foundation to promote an open, interoperable framework for IoT edge computing. Its last ‘Ireland’ update in 2021 added simplification features like overhauled API sets, removal of technical debt, more message-based communications, and a simplified interface for adopters and developers.

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