Deploying adaptive AI in distributed water plants - Barbara Accoina



Google PaLM-E AI model enables robots to understand natural language and execute tasks

Google’s Robotics team has revealed a new artificial intelligence (AI) model that could enable robots to understand and execute instructions…


Renesas launches Wi-Fi development kit supporting Matter protocol

Renesas Electronics Corporation, a provider of semiconductor solutions, has released a development kit that works with the Matter protocol. Consumer…


Polymath Robotics launches to bring autonomous software to industrial equipment

Polymath Robotics recently came out of stealth mode to launch its general autonomy software for industrial equipment. Designed to integrate…


Lightbend wants to simplify cloud and edge application development with Kalix PaaS

Lightbend, a provider of cloud-native microservice frameworks for cloud and edge applications, has announced the launch of Kalix, a Platform-as-a-Service…


Serverless plus stateful: a new programming model comes to edge computing

By Jonas Bonér, Founder and CEO for Lightbend, Inc. In 2021, edge computing came into its own, but 2022 is…

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