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KPN integrates 5G with edge computing to transform industrial operations

KPN integrates 5G with edge computing to transform industrial operations

KPN, a telecommunications company in the Netherlands, has announced that it has successfully tested 5G tech at KLG Europe, a logistics service provider.

The company says the trial marks an advance in KPN’s integration of edge computing with its mobile network, creating a secure local 5G gateway on the customer’s premises.

This implementation allows part of KPN’s advanced 5G network to operate directly at a client’s location. Businesses like KLG Europe benefit from reliability and low latency while ensuring all sensitive data remains on-site, aligning with security demands and market trends, KPN notes.

Wouter Stammeijer, KPN’s chief technology and digital officer and board member, explains: “Business customers have different requirements in terms of safe, efficient and faster work, and we can meet them with innovative 5G solutions.”

Companies increasingly depend on mobile networks for essential operations and critical applications in today’s digital landscape. To cater to this need, KPN’s blend of 5G and edge computing meets more than just speed and connectivity. It offers the capacity to process 5G data traffic locally, negating the need for rerouting through multiple data centers and improving latency.

At KLG Europe, KPN’s 5G solution was put to the test within the workings of the logistics provider’s daily operations. Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) within the warehouse, responsible for moving packages and pallets, were connected to the 5G indoor network via SIM cards.

Installing a local 5G gateway meant all AGV mobile data was directly routed to the server on-site. Consequently, response times decreased to 4 milliseconds— a jump from the former 21 milliseconds benchmark.

KPN introduced 5G in the Netherlands in 2020; this year, the 3.5 GHz frequency will become accessible. KPN plans to implement standalone 5G technology gradually. Additionally, KPN will offer the local 5G gateway commercially as part of the new KPN Campus portfolio.

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