Deploying AI Models at the Edge

Cradlepoint leverages AI to boost enterprise 5G capabilities

Cradlepoint leverages AI to boost enterprise 5G capabilities

Cradlepoint, a cloud-delivered LTE and 5G wireless network edge solution provider, has introduced new Artificial Intelligence (AI) features to its 5G for enterprise solutions.

The company is pioneering an AI model focused on cellular networking, offering improved performance, management and security for organizations, the company says.

Donna Johnson, the CMO at Cradlepoint, says: “As Cradlepoint continues to prioritize innovation, our AI strategy exemplifies our commitment to accelerating the deployment of 5G for businesses by enhancing the visibility, manageability, and performance of the cellular network.”

Designed to streamline network operations, the NetCloud AIOps Dashboard harnesses 5G SASE capabilities to provide a view of network health. Leveraging AI, it pinpoints areas where performance is lagging, identifies underlying issues, and directs users to the impacted sites, applications and network users.

The AI-based NetCloud Assistant, or “ANA,” introduces an interface using natural language processing to guide users through their network’s operational queries. Focused on simplifying day-to-day management, the company says ANA can recommend the best cellular endpoints for various applications and troubleshoot network performance effectively.

Cradlepoint’s Network Traffic Analysis service will update later this year, integrating AI for monitoring traffic patterns. It detects abnormal traffic patterns and alerts potential breaches in common 5G use cases like IoT, vehicles and distributed sites.

GenAI Data Loss Prevention mitigates the risks associated with generative AI adoption. It enforces policies preventing the exposure of sensitive data on generative AI platforms, supported by Ericom’s remote browser isolation technology to prevent potential malware infections.

Ian Beason, the director of technology and innovation at Motor City Wash Works, emphasizes that their customer success model relies on the dependability and efficiency of their car wash operations.

“Cradlepoint’s new AIOps capabilities will allow our lean IT team to scale with our growing customer base and manage our network more effectively while providing an enhanced level of service to our customers,” Beason adds.

Cradlepoint connects various networks, from fixed sites and mobile locations to IoT devices and remote workforces.

Cradlepoint also recently introduced the E100 5G enterprise router, designed for retail and small office use. According to the company, it offers enhanced performance and security through Cradlepoint NetCloud Exchange, with integrated SD-WAN and zero trust for efficient network and security management at scale.

Retailers in Canada are embracing creative pop-ups and experiential stores to meet consumer demands for interactive experiences. IT teams ensure high performance, low latency and minimal downtime to support applications and enforce security policies in small spaces.

The E100 5G Enterprise Router offers reliable connectivity and network protection for retail and small office markets. It enables secure access to web applications and supports the deployment of IoT and point-of-sale devices in small and temporary sites.

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Deploying AI Models at the Edge


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