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KAYTUS launches data center management solution KSManage

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KAYTUS launches data center management solution KSManage

IT infrastructure provider KAYTUS has announced the launch of its data center management platform – KSManage. The solution aims to boost data center operations through its lifecycle maintenance, precise fault diagnosis, and its energy management.

The company says the platform is adept at tackling the operational and management challenges faced by data centers, particularly those arising from the deployment of AIGC-based applications, such as the Large Language Model.

The KSManage platform can achieve functionalities including full-lifecycle asset management, intelligent monitoring, and automated deployment management for data center infrastructure, according to the company.

“It is a powerhouse of rich reporting analysis capabilities, equipped with various development modes to adapt to diverse requirements. It also skillfully orchestrates the management of cloud-based edge data center servers, storage solutions, networks, and dynamic environment monitoring equipment,” says the company in a written press release.

“This unified and intelligent solution significantly boosts operational efficiency for clients, cuts down on operational costs, and ensures the secure, reliable, and stable functioning of data centers.”

KSManage offers a range of centralized asset management capabilities, both online and offline, with the aim of making it easier to manage over 400 different brands and types of assets. The platform features four sub-systems and six functional modules. The intelligent IoT asset management subsystem, powered by unique RFID and IoT technologies, automates both online and offline asset management.

The subsystem breaks down the barriers between data center operation and management and integrates IT procurement, application, auditing, and financial business processes, reducing operational workload by 40 percent and improving asset management efficiency by 90 percent.

The company notes that AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) is a key highlight of the KSManage platform, which was built by KAYTUS for the intelligent operation of infrastructure. KSManage is capable of uniformly analyzing 100,000+ and over 100 million monitoring indicators.

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