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DFI expands its COM Express Compact series with an MTH968 embedded system module

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DFI expands its COM Express Compact series with an MTH968 embedded system module

DFI, an industrial computer manufacturer, has announced the expansion of its COM Express Compact portfolio with the launch of an embedded system module, MTH968. The company aims to address the growing market for AI applications, particularly in industrial environments that require advanced processing capabilities.

The DFI MTH968 is equipped with the Intel Meteor Lake processor, which features Intel’s modular microarchitecture design. The processor integrates CPU, GPU, and NPU within a single chip. The hardware combines AI capabilities into industrial PCs for smarter manufacturing processes, predictive maintenance, and quality control through vision systems.

According to DFI, the graphics processing unit has witnessed significant performance improvements, up to 114 percent compared to previous generations. The company highlights that Intel’s low-power, high-efficiency processor core helps reduce power consumption while optimizing CPU performance.

A market report from STL Partners suggests that the edge computing market is projected to grow from $9 billion in 2020 to $462 billion by 2030. DFI aims to capitalize on this market trend by introducing a range of AI industrial PCs with advanced computing solutions for next-generation industrial automation and intelligence.

The DFI MTH968 improves performance with dual-channel DDR5 memory, offering higher bandwidth and speed compared to its previous generation, facilitating faster data processing. Complementing these advanced memory capabilities is NVMe SSD support.

Regarding mechanical capabilities, the MTH968 embedded system module has a fanless design that can operate efficiently in a wide temperature range. This shows the product’s capability to be deployed in outdoor and extreme environmental conditions.

Furthermore, as previously mentioned, the MTH968 is a COM Express Type 6 module standard that ensures compatibility with various peripheral components. The Type 6 pin-out supports digital display interfaces (such as HDMI and DisplayPort), PCI Express, and USB.

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