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ITTIA launches time series embedded database that supports FreeRTOS operating system

ITTIA launches time series embedded database that supports FreeRTOS operating system

ITTIA, a provider of time series embedded data management software for microcontrollers and microprocessors, has announced the launch of ITTIA DB IoT with support for the FreeRTOS operating system. ITTIA DB IoT is a time series, high-performance embedded database software built for microcontrollers and is part of the ITTIA DB product family.

ITTIA DB IoT is designed for real-time data processing and management on microcontrollers. With this software, IoT devices can process raw sensory data in real time and extract valuable insights. It is particularly well suited for handling time series data streams and allows IoT devices to filter through large amounts of data and identify important information by continuously monitoring, collecting, processing, and running queries on the data.

The company’s software development lifecycle aligns with the principles of IEC/ISO 62443, standards that specify security capabilities for control system components. The security principles are based on zero trust enabling manufacturers of IoT edge devices to reduce unpredictability. The security features include support for encryption and authentication and Security Expert Agent Library.

For embedded IoT applications that require a high level of security, the embedded system, and connected devices must have built-in security features. ITTIA follows a secure-by-design development methodology that incorporates security protocols through the development process to deliver a comprehensive solution for securing data on IoT devices.

“On most popular embedded CPUs, applications created with ITTIA DB IoT and FreeRTOS achieve microsecond data processing and data management at the edge,” claims ITTIA in the press release. “Application developers of embedded systems and IoT devices benefit from great performance when they select ITTIA DB IoT and FreeRTOS.”

The ITTIA DB IoT is designed to minimize the amount of memory used by embedded devices, making it suitable for IoT edge devices that have limited memory resources. This database can operate efficiently with minimal ROM and RAM memory requirements, allowing for high performance. Additionally, it is scalable for various microcontrollers, and its modular architecture allows developers to create optimized and reliable embedded systems that require little memory.

“ITTIA DB IoT and FreeRTOS are the ideal choices for the most demanding of embedded applications as they enable the system to monitor, filter, and store real-time data on desired supported microcontrollers. Unformatted data will be captured, saved, and analyzed with ITTIA DB IoT,” explains ITTIA in the press release.

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