Itron unveils Edge Gateway to help improve utility digitalization

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Itron unveils Edge Gateway to help improve utility digitalization

Itron, Inc is introducing its new Itron Edge Gateway product line to expand its distributed intelligence platform. The device is intended to enable utilities and cities to manage energy and water better.

Itron delivers utility and infrastructure solutions to communities around the world. Their portfolio of smart networks, software, services, meters and sensors claims to help customers manage electricity, gas and water resources for their communities.

According to Itron, Edge Gateway allows utilities and cities to expand capabilities for decarbonization, sustainability and critical infrastructure management. It also accelerates digitalization by quickly adding DI capability to any device or sensor without hardware integration. The secure platform enables a variety of use cases in distribution automation, distributed energy resource management and smart cities, company executives say.

“Building upon Itron’s advancements in DI and intelligent connectivity, utilities and cities now can utilize the Itron Edge Gateway to bring even more intelligence to the network’s edge,” says John Marcolini, the senior vice president of networked solutions at Itron.

The edge-computing platform can connect IIoT devices to back-office systems or cloud services using LTE, Private LTE (pLTE), 5G cellular, and Gen5 Mesh technology for secure communication.

Itron says the Edge Gateway offers distributed intelligence, intelligent connectivity, robust security and enhanced management and monitoring for customers to quickly focus on business needs and deploy new use cases. It provides disk encryption, secure boot and critical storage, and encrypted communications to ensure data integrity. It also gives users public and private network connectivity with flexible device interfaces, including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, BLE and serial. The company says this platform also enables total life-cycle management and real-time status visibility.

“From a utility IT perspective, these devices offer value with the opportunity for utilities and partners to test and incorporate them into a specific use case. Once deployed, this platform can be easily repurposed for numerous other applications, saving time and cost,” explains Marcolini.

Itron claims its Edge Gateway product portfolio can help enable a range of use cases, such as distribution automation, distributed energy resource management, smart city applications and enhanced cyber security solutions. These capabilities can help preserve transformers’ lifetime, reduce unplanned outages, manage renewable energies impacts on grid operations, monitor acoustic gunshots for law enforcement, monitor traffic and noise for improved planning and provide network security for new and legacy devices, Itron says.

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