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Spiral Blue rolls out space edge computing and AI in Australia

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Spiral Blue rolls out space edge computing and AI in Australia

Spiral Blue has launched AI algorithms to operate from space with operational data that is available to Australians. This technology marks a breakthrough in the field of space-based earth observation, the company says.

According to Technavio, the global satellite internet market is expected to grow by 4,476.69 million US from 2022-2027 at a CAGR of 16.85%, with North America estimated to account for 45% of this growth.

Spiral Blue says it is the first Australian company to successfully operate a Space Edge computer, opening up new possibilities for AI-powered advancements in monitoring and understanding our planet. After its successful commissioning, Spiral Blue can now provide enhanced EO capabilities to customers worldwide.

Spiral Blue says the Spiral Blue Space Edge One (SE-1) computer is a compact device designed to handle the environmental conditions of space and enable AI algorithms for near real-time analysis and decision-making based on earth observation data.

Launched in April 2023, the SE-1 has been operating effectively in space with its advanced algorithms optimizing Earth observation missions and enhancing the accuracy of data analysis. It also provides timely insights for various applications, such as cloud detection.

“This is a huge step forward for Spiral Blue and for the global Earth observation ecosystem,” says Taofiq Huq, the CEO of Spiral Blue. “Now that we’ve completed our commissioning, we’re ready to help our customers test their software in orbit.”

According to Spiral Blue, it is dedicated to driving technological progress and creating innovative solutions that change how individuals interact with our world. The company was recently supported by an Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre Commercialisation grant to pursue these goals.

Founded in 2018, Spiral Blue uses artificial intelligence and Space Edge computing to develop Earth observation services for defense, city planning and utility industries. 

Early last year, Spiral Blue made headlines for announcing that it launched its Space Edge Zero Computers in space via SpaceX’s Transporter-3 rideshare mission. It delivered 105 small satellites into space during the mission.

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