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Innovatrics, Tech5, ID R&D and EdgeIR insiders to discuss edge computing, biometrics in webinar

Innovatrics, Tech5, ID R&D and EdgeIR insiders to discuss edge computing, biometrics in webinar

Edge computing continues to play a key role in an increasing number of biometric applications involving various modalities. New processors, new edge AI algorithms and development tools are all playing a part in enabling biometric applications that have better performance and security than ever before.

Biometric Update is hosting a webinar to explore the various application possibilities and market potential of biometrics at the edge on Tuesday, November 15.

The webinar will feature a panel of biometric vendors implementing biometrics at the network edge, with subject matter experts from Innovatrics, Tech5 and ID R&D. Managing Editor Jim Davis will provide an overview of how edge computing can benefit biometrics providers.

Davis wrote the white paper ‘Biometrics at the edge: How edge computing is set to benefit the market for biometric identification technologies,’ which is available for free download from Biometric Update.

Advanced processors running on low power and algorithms with small processing footprints have unlocked a range of possible use cases and features for biometrics that were previously impossible. Their benefits can include enhanced performance, lower costs, better privacy protections and regulatory compliance.

Edge biometrics are deployed to smart devices and on-premise systems, in the retail, manufacturing, automotive and transportation sectors, and as part of access control and smart city systems.

Global revenue from edge AI chipsets is forecast to near $52 billion by 2025, and edge biometrics has been forecast to grow at a 20 percent CAGR to nearly $2.3 billion in the same year.

Innovatrics SmartFace Business Development and Product Marketing Lead Robert Izak will present a use case for edge face biometrics. Tech5 CTO, Co-founder and Chairman Rahul Parthe and ID R&D President and Founder Alexey Khitrov will share insights from a very different kind of application of biometrics at the network edge for digital identity management.

A discussion with questions and feedback from the audience will follow the presentations.

The webinar will be held at 12:00 Eastern next Tuesday. Registration is free but required, so sign up now to save your place.

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