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Illinois Supreme Court rules White Castle may face billions in penalties for biometric data collection

The Illinois Supreme Court has ruled that fast food chain White Castle must face a lawsuit alleging the company repeatedly…


New study reveals motion data can identify people in VR; what are the implications for the metaverse?

The metaverse could be a big opportunity for edge computing vendors — but it is also a big privacy minefield…


Innovatrics, Tech5, ID R&D and EdgeIR insiders to discuss edge computing, biometrics in webinar

Edge computing continues to play a key role in an increasing number of biometric applications involving various modalities. New processors,…


Synaptics adds DSP Group’s wireless tech to edge AI in $450M deal

Synaptics Incorporated announced the acquisition of DSP Group, Inc. in a $450 million deal that the company expects will bring…


Chooch AI speeds up AI vision for face biometrics with Nvidia, edge processing

Chooch AI, a provider of technology and services for visual AI, announced that it has achieved several breakthroughs in the…

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