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Imagimob releases Ready Models for AI at the edge

Imagimob releases Ready Models for AI at the edge

Imagimob, an edge intelligence and tinyML platform, has announced the availability of Imagimob Ready Models. The offering equips users to integrate artificial intelligence capabilities into their smart devices. In today’s era of digital transformation spanning across various industries, organizations seek tools that can bring machine learning closer to the edge of the network. The introduction of Imagimob Ready Models, which are pre-built ML models tailored for specific tasks, addresses this demand.

Imagimob believes that there have been challenges for enterprises in incorporating AI features into their edge devices. These barriers include the need for expertise to develop custom ML models, as well as the time and resource investment required for model building, deployment on devices, and extensive training. However, the company highlights that the Ready Models overcome these challenges by reducing the demands on engineering and AI competence. They provide a streamlined approach to making these models readily available in the marketplace.

“Depending on the skillset and expertise in a company, developing a custom model for production typically takes six months to a year. With our Ready Models, they can have new Edge AI features up and running essentially overnight,” says Anders Hardebring, chief executive officer at Imagimob.

There has long been a concern regarding off-the-shelf solutions, with questions about whether they might compromise performance and lack flexibility for customization. However, Imagimob addresses this concern by saying that their Ready Models can be applied to various use cases, provided that the application aligns with the intended use of the model. The company intends to provide information and guides on how to make the most of these models in their specific environments.

Imagimob has been providing a development platform for machine learning tailored for edge devices and has positioned itself within the growing tiny machine learning market. The company has consistently emphasized its commitment to enabling even non-experts to work with their solutions. The integration of the Imagimob AI platform into the Infineon hardware and software ecosystem would create a wide range of possibilities for a wide range of use cases. Earlier this year, Infineon announced the acquisition of Imagimob.

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