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Syntiant, Imagimob partner to accelerate tinyML application deployment

Syntiant tinyML development board
Source: Syntiant

Imagimob, a provider of tinyML platforms, has announced a partnership with Syntiant Corp., an end-to-end AI chip company. Syntiant makes edge AI chips and says it offers a secure and easy way to deploy tinyML applications in the edge ecosystem. Imagimob’s tinyML platform will support Syntiant’s low-power NDP120 neural decision processor, allowing customers to deploy machine learning models through a single button click.

According to the companies, the combined Imagimob-Syntiant solution supports a range of applications, such as sound event detection, keyword spotting, fall detection, anomaly detection, gesture detection and many other use cases.

Syntiant designed the NDP120 neural decision processor specifically for deep learning applications that will see most applications in battery-powered devices. Imagimob’s tinyML platform, on the other hand, is capable of providing a complete suite of resources from data collection to deployment on edge devices. Both companies combined their best-in-class edge solutions to offer an accelerated deployment process for customers, enabling them to build a wide range of edge applications.

“The collaboration with Syntiant will be very valuable for our customers because it allows them to quickly develop and deploy powerful, production-ready deep learning models on the Syntiant NDP120,” said Anders Hardebring, CEO and co-founder at Imagimob. “We see a lot of market demand in sound event detection, fall detection, and anomaly detection.”

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The joint solution will allow engineers and developers to create deep learning models, optimize them for specific applications and deploy these ML models using the NDP120 processor. This integration supports many applications, such as fall detection, sound event detection, keyword spotting, anomaly detection, and gesture detection.

“Pairing our NDP120 with the Imagimob platform will enable developers to quickly and easily deploy deep learning models,” said Kurt Busch, CEO of Syntiant. “Studies suggest that there are more than 35 million falls in the U.S. alone that require some kind of medical attention, so there is significant opportunity for applications across both consumer and industrial use cases.”

Quite recently, Imagimob also teamed up with FotaHub to integrate over-the-air and provisioning services on Imagimob’s tinyML platform. This helped product teams monitor and manage edge devices remotely. The integration also enabled them to update the firmware of end-user hardware platforms deployed in the field.

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