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Imagimob launches Ready Models to simplify machine learning implementation

Imagimob launches Ready Models to simplify machine learning implementation

Imagimob, a Stockholm-based startup in Sweden, has recently launched its Ready Models, a machine learning solution designed for edge devices. This new offering aims to simplify the implementation of machine learning by providing pre-built models that can quickly deploy on microcontroller hardware, such as PSoC 6, without the need for custom development.

According to Sam Al-Attiyah, the head of customer success at Imagimob, few companies currently offer readily available models for specific edge AI solutions.

“Our Ready Models are built upon eight years of expertise and thoroughly tested out in the field in different environments, so they are validated in terms of performance,” Al-Attiyah adds. “And the fact that we are running them on small edge devices is really unique.”

To evaluate the performance of the models, Imagimob conducted scenario-based testing, which involved real-world field testing on devices. The company says this testing approach ensures that models deliver realistic and accurate results.

Imagimob currently focuses on audio-based models, including baby cry and siren detection for safety purposes and coughing and snoring detection for health-related applications. The company is also actively developing models in other areas, such as radar, IMU and capacitive sensing.

The barriers to incorporating smart AI features into products were significant in the past, as it required expertise, time and resources to develop custom ML models. This involved complex data collection, validation, labeling, model training, deployment and testing processes in different environments.

Imagimob claims that its Ready Models provide a shortcut to the marketplace and eliminate the need for extensive engineering and AI expertise. The company notes that by leveraging ready-to-use models, companies can integrate edge AI features into products quickly.

Anders Hardebring, the CEO of Imagimob, highlights that this approach allows companies to embark on their machine-learning journeys without requiring a significant initial investment. He says that the Ready Models provide a solution by eliminating the complexities of developing and testing models.

Imagimob provides edge AI and tiny machine learning solutions. Their intelligent products cater to diverse industries.

Since May 2023, Imagimob has been a part of Infineon Technologies AG.

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