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How can machine learning model visualization help in edge computing?

Edge computing devices are designed for remote deployment and often have limited onboard resources. Companies are building machine learning models…


Imagimob releases Ready Models for AI at the edge

Imagimob, an edge intelligence and tinyML platform, has announced the availability of Imagimob Ready Models. The offering equips users to…


Imagimob launches Ready Models to simplify machine learning implementation

Imagimob, a Stockholm-based startup in Sweden, has recently launched its Ready Models, a machine learning solution designed for edge devices….


Syntiant, Imagimob partner to accelerate tinyML application deployment

Syntiant tinyML development board Source: Syntiant Imagimob, a provider of tinyML platforms, has announced a partnership with Syntiant Corp., an…


Imagimob, FotaHub to integrate over-the-air updates, giving tinyML continuous learning abilities

Imagimob, an edge intelligence and tinyML platform, has partnered with FotaHub Inc, a cloud-native technology startup, on an over-the-air update…


We offer Imagimob AI as Edge AI Software-tools-as-a-Service for deep learning and supporting all types of time-series based data. Imagimob…

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