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IOTech, King Steel partner to deliver Industry 4.0 capabilities for smart manufacturing equipment

IOTech, King Steel partner to deliver Industry 4.0 capabilities for smart manufacturing equipment

IOTech, a UK-based edge software solutions provider, is working with King Steel Machinery Co. Ltd. to enhance the capabilities and connectivity of its smart manufacturing equipment. As part of the collaboration, King Steel selected IOTech’s industrial edge software platform to deliver real-time data from edge sensors that can be viewed and analyzed to bring operational efficiency.

King Steel will integrate IOTech’s industrial edge software platform into its NexCell injection molding machines. This will enable them to leverage Industry 4.0 capabilities and provide an improved value proposition for their partners and customers. King Steel will demonstrate its NexCell injection molding machine with integrated IOTech edge software at upcoming trade shows.

“It’s our pleasure to partner with IOTech to provide Industry 4.0 capabilities to our customers,” said Jim Chen, general manager of King Steel. “Through IOTech’s edge computing solution, we are able to create an optimum product and service that brings significant value to our customers.”

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IOTech’s edge software platform is a plug-and-play solution that enables users to create industrial applications that can leverage a combination of several technologies. The platform is able to take data from an extensive range of industrial OT devices and sensors to efficiently provide responsive measures.

The IOTech edge solution comes with OT connectivity to provide easy integration of a broad range of industrial devices. This offers the user the ability to fetch edge sensor data in real-time at a low latency, the company claims. King Steel first requires integration with Modbus and Siemens S7 endpoints supported by the King Steel equipment.

“We’re pleased that King Steel selected IOTech’s edge software to enable its Industrial 4.0 capable smart manufacturing offerings,” said Keith Steele, CEO of IOTech. “We make it easy for our partners and customers to connect their equipment and manage their data regardless of the communication standards used. It provides them the ability to create future-proof solutions that can be easily evolved as needed.”

Earlier this year, IOTech announced an upgrade to its edge Xpert platform, an IoT deployment tool based on the open-source compute platform EdgeX and the company’s redesigned edge Xpert for communication between microservices at the edge.

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