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HarperDB 4.0 to provide application development for distributed systems

HarperDB 4.0 to provide application development for distributed systems

HarperDB, a provider of distributed data and application platforms, has released a new version of its platform called HarperDB 4.0. This update features mesh-connected data replication enabled by the platform.

“Our mission is to rethink connectivity while simplifying the lives of developers, giving them a modern platform for all of their connectivity requirements – with no compromises on performance, location, or scale,” said Derek Collison, the CEO and founder of Synadia.

Synadia maintains the development of the platform, an open-source technology that delivers messaging, streaming, low latency and high throughput at scale. The platform has gained popularity, with over 200 million downloads, making it one of the most rapidly adopted connectivity and edge computing technologies.

An application development platform acts as a bridge between edge devices and centralized cloud infrastructure to enable the deployment, management and execution of applications on edge devices. The platform also streamlines data and application management access, such as data replication, security and analytics. These features reduce the need to send data to the cloud.

With HarperDB and the platform, there is no restraint on nodes in a cluster; it also allows for global scalability potential with its unlimited throughput capabilities. This solution is designed for networks that experience intermittent disruptions and systems with dynamic data replication needs.

“HarperDB’s vision of providing a highly resilient and globally available application platform, not tied to a specific cloud infrastructure, is a great fit for the core tenets of why we created NATS and we are very excited about what the partnership will bring to customers,” Collison added.

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