Groundcover’s Caretta maps network services for cloud-native services

Groundcover’s Caretta maps network services for cloud-native services

Israel-based cloud-native application monitoring solution provider Groundcover has launched Caretta, an open-source software (OSS) cluster map. Caretta allows businesses to view the network map of the services running across their cluster. Caretta uses eBPF technology to gather network data and presents it as a network map on the Grafana Node Graph dashboard.

Groundcover designed the Caretta cloud-environment observability tool to allow enterprises to better understand workload interdependencies in the cluster. These interdependencies can sometimes lead to failures. Caretta uses Kubernetes APIs to collect detailed network data that can be used on-demand for in-depth observation and security insights.

“Mapping the inter-dependencies between the different services running in the cluster is a complicated but critical task,” said Udi Rot, software engineer at Groundcover. “Unlocking this rare type of information can help developers, DevOps and SRE teams get a much clearer view into their production K8s clusters.”

Groundcover has previously designed a cloud-native application monitoring system powered by eBPF technology. This technology enables advanced programs to run directly in the Linux kernel space, providing efficient access to low-level kernel resources. It allows developers to observe all programs running in the user space of the Kubernetes environment. Groundcover believes that eBPF is an effective tool for observability solutions in this context.

“What was once almost impossible to get can now be obtained in just a few minutes on huge complex clusters running hundreds of different microservices, and Caretta implements exactly this modern lightweight approach,” Rot further added.

Last year, Edge Delta introduced a free version of its observability tool that allows users to monitor and troubleshoot their applications and services running in Kubernetes. Similarly, Cribl launched Cribl Suite for enterprise customers to view and access data.

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