Cribl enhances data observability platform, promises an easier way to search edge data

Cribl enhances data observability platform, promises an easier way to search edge data

Cribl, a startup with a data observability product suite, has announced that its Cribl Suite now has better enterprise-wide visibility and data access. Plus, with the newly released Cribl Search, the company says enterprises can quickly and easily search through their data without the need to ship, ingest or store it first. The upshot is that enterprises can better utilize edge data sources with the new tools.

The company improved three data observability products from Cribl, namely Cribl Stream, Cribl Edge and Unified Cribl Suite UI. Cribl Stream’s new features include pipeline profiling and database collector enhancements to simplify analysis and troubleshooting. Cribl Edge’s ability to collect and process data at an enterprise scale has increased. All the upgrades focus on streamlining the user experience across all its products.

“As we evolve our approaches to get value from our ever-growing volumes of data, the rapid innovation across the Cribl portfolio allows us to standardize on Cribl as our observability architecture,” said Frank Wise, VP of engineering, infrastructure & IT ops at iHerb.

The company says data in large-scale enterprises comes from different sources and has multiple destinations. This reality increases the complexity for security and IT teams to monitor and centralize all the data. Cribl Search is a tool that lets organizations analyze edge data, making it simpler to ingest and store data. It allows businesses to optimize and draw insights from their telemetry data, whether at the point of source or in low-cost object stores.

Stephen Elliot, group vice president of IDC, says businesses usually use log analytics and search products that manage data by forwarding it and then searching. If companies identify valuable data before forwarding it to systems for analysis, it can transform how organizations gain value from observability data.

“As we continue to build out our observability suite — and chart the course of the entire category — we’re excited to get Cribl Search into the hands of our customers so they can have the control to decide what data they need when they need it, and allow them to unlock the value without packing and shipping it first,” explained Cribl CEO and co-Founder Clint Sharp.

Earlier this year, Cribl raised $150 million in a Series D funding round to continue investing in data observability. Tiger Global led the funding, bringing the total raised to over $400 million.

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