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Edge Delta provides a free version of its observability platform

Edge Delta provides a free version of its observability platform

Edge Delta, an observability tool provider, has launched a free version of its flagship observability tool. This free version of Edge Delta enables users to monitor and troubleshoot their applications and services running in Kubernetes.

Edge Delta believes that engineers want an easy and credible way to monitor their services’ health and quickly troubleshoot an issue. The company says that with Edge Delta, developers can save time and streamline building software applications and troubleshooting them.

The Edge Delta observability tool is optimized for monitoring dynamic and distributed Kubernetes environments. Besides monitoring and observability, this solution can automate many time-consuming items so that teams can focus on more valuable tasks, the company claims. It detects issues in the enterprise’s applications and services, one of the most common reasons for outages.

Edge Delta says the free version is ideal for smaller, resource-constrained development teams. Some of the core advantages of the free version include automating manual tasks, reducing the noise of log data and detecting and troubleshooting issues.

Log data can become very noisy at an enterprise scale. This situation makes it difficult for development teams to process enormous volumes of raw data to find what they need. The company says that by using the free version of Edge Delta’s observability platform, the organizations can automatically run analytics on the log data and retrieve insights through intuitive dashboards.

In traditional troubleshooting techniques, organizations sift through loglines to troubleshoot an issue. However, Edge Delta says its platform can automatically detect every anomaly, even unknown problems. When the observability tool detects a problem, it surfaces the raw data contributing to the alert and the affected components.

Earlier this year, Edge Delta raised $63 million in Series B funding for its edge data observability platform. Quiet Capital led this funding round with participation from new and existing investors. Edge Delta has raised $81 million since its establishment in 2018, according to Crunchbase.

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