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GrAI Matter Labs launches edge AI chip solution for industrial automation applications

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GrAI Matter Labs launches edge AI chip solution for industrial automation applications

GrAI Matter Labs, the developer of edge-ready chips, has unveiled GrAI VIP, a full-stack AI system-on-chip (SoC) platform to deliver AI to industrial automation applications. At Global Industrie 2022, the startup will demonstrate its low latency computing solution for real-world applications of robotics systems such as warehouse robots and cobots.

The GrAI VIP system-on-chip is a near-sensor AI solution supporting 16-bit floating-point instructions to achieve high performance with low-power consumption. The company claims its chips can deliver high performance in resource-constrained applications in robotics, AR/VR, smart homes, infotainment in automobiles, and more.

“GrAI VIP is ready to deliver ‘Life-Ready’ AI to industrial automation applications and revolutionize systems such as pick & place robots, cobots, and warehouse robots, as being demonstrated at the show,” said Ingolf Held, CEO of GrAI Matter Labs.

The GrAI VIP is contained in an 8×8 mm package while including memory for privacy purposes and is ready to use in audio and vision networks for faster time to market. The company claims the module is 20x better in power efficiency compared to alternatives such as Google Coral and Intel Myriad-X.

“GML is targeting the $1 billion+ fast-growing market of endpoint AI with a unique approach backed by innovative technology,” said Karl Freund, founder, and principal analyst at Cambrian-AI Research. “GML’s Life-Ready AI provides solutions that here-to-fore were simply impossible at such low footprint and power.”

The GrAI VIP Life-Ready AI processor is also available as a development kit upon request. The development kit comes in the M.2 PCIe form factor to run on Linux as the host operating system. The hardware is also manufactured in IMX-8 based industrial-grade SMARC host system on module. On the software side, the GrAIFlow software development kit enables developers to design and train AI models in frameworks such as TensorFlow or PyTorch.

The company last raised a $14M round of funding in 2020.

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