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Flex Logix wants to simplify edge AI adoption with EasyVision platform

Flex Logix wants to simplify edge AI adoption with EasyVision platform

Flex Logix has announced the commercial availability of its EasyVision platforms that are designed to help enterprise customers bring edge computer vision products to market quickly. The company said the new products will bring the Flex Logix InferX edge AI accelerator to a wide range of markets such as robotic vision, industrial, security, and retail analytics.

Flex Logix’s EasyVision features the InferX with ready-to-use AI models that are pre-trained on large datasets for common object detection capabilities, such as hard-hat detection, people counting, face mask detection, and license plate recognition.

There has been increasing demand for integrating computer vision capabilities into edge AI systems. However, enterprises and small businesses lack expertise in data science and developing and training machine learning models. Furthermore, integrating these AI models into existing edge AI accelerators has been a crucial hurdle for businesses. With Flex Logix’s EasyVision, the platform brings ready AI models that are ready to be integrated into existing infrastructure.

“With EasyVision, we are essentially providing an AI/ML platform in a box that has the AI model already trained and ready to be fine-tuned to work with a hardware accelerator that is fast and accurate,” said Dana McCarty, vice president of sales and marketing for Flex Logix’s Inference Products.

“Flex Logix’s EasyVision solution provides a turnkey solution, converting our data to a trained and quantized model, that met our throughput and accuracy requirements,” said Jack Duan, CTO and co-founder of Emerging Risk Analytics (ERA). “We are able to quickly build an AI inference solution with a low-power-consumption requirement that avoids the GPU-caused thermal headaches we’ve been struggling with.”

Flex Logix recently announced that it has joined the Edge AI and Vision Alliance to bring more close collaboration between the eFPGA IP provider and 100 other members working to accelerate the adoption of AI and computer vision features in products and systems. To support the collaboration, Flex Logix also announced the production of its InferX X1P1 boards that are designed to bring high-performance AI inference acceleration to edge servers and industrial vision systems.

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