Flex Logix joins Edge AI and Vision Alliance

Flex Logix joins Edge AI and Vision Alliance

Flex Logix Technologies, Inc. announced recently that it has joined the Edge AI and Vision Alliance. Joining the Alliance will bring Flex Logix in close collaboration with the more than 100 other members working together to accelerate the adoption of AI and practical computer vision features in products and systems.

In support of this goal, Flex Logix recently announced production of its InferX X1P1 boards, which are designed to bring high-performance AI inference acceleration to edge servers and industrial vision systems.

“We are excited to join the Alliance and look forward to working with other members to help accelerate the adoption of edge vision systems,” says Dana McCarty, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Flex Logix’s Inference Products. “Our InferX X1 inference chips and boards provide customers with superior AI inference capabilities where high accuracy, high throughput and low power on complex models is needed. These benefits are critical for driving inference capabilities into the volume mainstream market.”

The InferX X1P1 board

The InferX X1P1 board offers the most efficient AI inference acceleration for edge AI workloads such as Yolov3. Many customers need high-performance, low-power object detection and other high-resolution image processing capabilities for robotic vision, security, retail analytics, and many other applications.

“Real-world applications of visual AI are growing rapidly in number, scale and diversity. Many of these applications demand a combination of high processing performance, efficiency and flexibility,” says Jeff Bier, Founder of the Edge AI and Vision Alliance. “With its InferX X1 SoC and accompanying toolset, Flex Logix has used its programmable logic technology to implement reconfigurability for its tensor processors and their interconnect fabric, implementing an intriguing approach to deep learning inference acceleration. We welcome Flex Logix as one of the Edge AI and Vision Alliance’s newest members.”

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