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Extenda Retail leverages Avassa edge platform to enhance in-store software delivery

Extenda Retail leverages Avassa edge platform to enhance in-store software delivery

Avassa has announced that Extenda Retail, a retail software provider, has picked Avassa’s application edge orchestration platform to become part of its hybrid solution. This collaboration will ensure that business-critical operations can continue without interruption and customers won’t be affected by costly downtime.

This new collaboration ensures that retailers can maximize efficiency and optimize the customer experience.

“With the Avassa platform, we are able to deploy and operate our applications at the edge with ease, using the same mechanisms we already have in place for centralized cloud delivery. This delights our engineers since the edge becomes a simple extension of the tooling and patterns they have grown to love in the cloud,” explained Shayne Clausson, the CTO of Extenda Retail.

Extenda Retail’s portfolio of solutions includes Hii Retail, retail ERP, POS, WMS, Customer Intelligence & Loyalty and Pharmacy software. The company has been providing industry-leading retail software development for almost 40 years, with hundreds of retail chains in over 36 countries taking advantage of its services.

Integrating a hybrid approach, merging in-store and cloud software is quickly becoming an essential part of the digital transformation for retail stores, Extenda Retail says. Placing key application components inside store locations with cloud backups offers numerous advantages, such as increased reliability, decreased downtime and quick data processing.

Historically, if core cloud services became inaccessible for any reason, it could lead to total system failure. With Avassa, Extenda Retail can guarantee that its applications remain autonomous and operational regardless of connection losses.

Olle Hillström, the head of sales and co-founder at Avassa sees great potential in this collaboration:

“Today’s retailers simply can’t afford downtime of in-store applications, whether from a financial, brand reputation, or customer satisfaction perspective. We’re proud that the Avassa Edge Platform enables them to continue to broaden their hybrid offer.”

Avassa offers an application orchestration platform for edge environments. It lets users deploy and monitor applications across a few or thousands of locations, depending on requirements. By leveraging Avassa’s technology to manage its in-store application components remotely and securely, Extenda Retail is shifting its retail operations towards a hybrid model.

“Extenda Retail is truly ahead of their game with a hybrid delivery model for their market-leading point-of-sales,” added Hillström.

In November, Avassa teamed up with Axiomatics to create a comprehensive solution that enables secure authorization and management of access at the edge. By partnering with Avassa, Axiomatics can offer an innovative solution that integrates its attribute-based access control (ABAC) and application orchestration platforms for the edge. This collaboration harmonizes security across cloud and edge environments.

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