Energous, Veea unite to provide real-time asset tracking for IoT sector

Energous, Veea unite to provide real-time asset tracking for IoT sector

Energous Corp and Veea recently teamed up to integrate wireless power and edge computing for real-time asset tracking in the IoT sector.

This collaboration combines Energous’ PowerBridge technology, Wiliot’s IoT Pixel tags, and Veea’s Edge Platform to create a wireless power ecosystem. The integration aims to lower installation costs, improve bandwidth efficiency and enhance security and reliability.

“As data processing becomes more relevant, more and more customers are facing cost challenges due to the high quantity of data being generated, processed and stored,” says Cesar Johnston, CEO of Energous. “Our partnership with Veea is critical as we believe edge computing is key to addressing these growing challenges.”

According to both companies, IoT expansion drives the need for reliable and cost-effective asset-tracking solutions in supply chain optimization. This requires technologies for real-time inventory insights and unique item identification. Energous and Veea collaborate to integrate wireless power and edge computing, offering customers enhanced operational efficiency and reduced costs.

The joint solution merges Energous PowerBridges and Wiliot IoT Pixel tags, integrating with the Veea Edge platform. It offers efficient tools and building blocks to system integrators, IoT solution developers and other ecosystem participants. Company executives say this accelerates time to market, reduces risk and generates strong returns on investment.

According to Mark Tubinis, Veea’s CCO, the successful demonstration of this integrated solution at AT&T Mexico’s Innovation Lab positions Veea and Energous as leaders in enterprise IoT solutions in the growing manufacturing and supply chain industry.

The combined technologies were recently showcased at the AT&T Mexico Innovation Lab in Mexico City, demonstrating the real-world relevance and transformative potential of the solutions offered by Energous and Veea in expanding the IoT landscape.

This summer Veea and Trilogy Networks were in the news for bringing wireless and edge technology to Trilogy’s FarmGrid solution for the agricultural industry. This collaboration aims to enable data-driven farming powered by predictive AI and introduce smart connectivity, computing and security technologies.

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