Veea, Trilogy Networks unite to bring data-driven farming to Dakota

Veea, Trilogy Networks unite to bring data-driven farming to Dakota

Veea Inc and Trilogy Networks have partnered to integrate Veea’s wireless and edge tech into Trilogy’s FarmGrid solution for the (ICP).

The companies say this will enable data-driven farming powered by predictive AI and bring smart connectivity, computing and security technologies to the agricultural industry. ​

“Veea’s edge computing platform provides the flexibility to implement true digital solutions to challenges that farmers face every day,” says Venky Swaminathan, the co-founder and CTO at Trilogy.

The Dakota ICP is a data-driven farming platform designed to increase yields, reduce costs and enhance profitability while decreasing environmental impacts. It also provides valuable business intelligence to sell to seed, nutrient and crop protection industries, large agricultural enterprises and the entire agri-food industry.

As a part of Dakota ICP, all 25 family-owned farms operating on 150,000 acres near Fargo will have access to Trilogy’s FarmGrid AI-powered precision agriculture solution and 10-gigabit broadband from MLGC. The companies say this deployment is the world’s largest precision ag infrastructure deployment.

Trilogy’s FarmGrid, enabled by Veea, provides farm-wide secure and meshed Wi-Fi and multi-protocol IoT connectivity through private 5G networks and indoor VHE-10 and outdoor VHH-10 VeeaHub models.

“A 6,000-acre farm requires every wireless protocol to drive microclimate and soil sensors, as well as autonomous vehicles and drones,” says Mark Tubinis, the chief commercial officer at Veea. “And all that data will be processed by our Veea Edge Services for secure remote access that empowers farmers to make the best decisions for their land and business.”

FarmGrid offers a suite of AI-driven solutions for agricultural producers, including aerial imagery processing, soil analytics, microclimate monitoring and automation tools to help growers make informed decisions promptly.

“We want to empower app developers with multiple wireless protocols across the farm to accelerate solutions development and adoption,” adds Swaminathan.

Earlier this year, Microclimates, in partnership with Veea and Trilogy Networks, developed a precision agriculture platform that efficiently collects, computes, transports, and safeguards data at the edge. This platform utilizes Microclimates’ universal control system, which constantly tracks temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, watering, and ambient light, offering round-the-clock monitoring and alerts while reducing costs.

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