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EdgeCortix gears up to launch edge computing AI chip at Singapore Airshow 2024

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EdgeCortix, a Japanese semiconductor company, will introduce its flagship product, the SAKURA-I chip, at the Singapore Airshow 2024.

The company says that this airshow, known for its impact on the air and defense sectors, offers a global stage for EdgeCortix to present its technology along with other Japanese firms.

Tailored for high compute efficiency and low latency in AI workloads at the edge, EdgeCortix notes that the SAKURA-I chip offers energy efficiency and processing speed gains over traditional semiconductors.

The chip aims to transform defense and aerospace by enhancing safety and security through dedicated co-processing.

EdgeCortix will present the chip at the Acquisitions, Technology and Logistics Agency (ATLA), Japan Ministry of Defense booth.

EdgeCortix’s CEO Sakyasingha Dasgupta, highlights the critical role of edge computing in defense and aerospace. With AI enhancing safety and security, reliable edge computing is essential, the company says.

Earlier this year, EdgeCortix predicted 2024 would be a groundbreaking year for edge AI.

According to the company, next-gen AI chips, hybrid edge-cloud setups, software dominance, and generative AI apps are reshaping the business landscape.

CEO and founder of EdgeCortix highlights that AI catalyzes transformation.

The company notes that advanced edge AI chips are poised to transform processing power, providing tailored functionalities for generative AI and language models.

The company adds that EdgeCortix predicts growth in hybrid edge-cloud architectures, merging edge devices and cloud resources to boost generative AI and language models at the edge. This leads to improved responsiveness, lower latency, and enhanced scalability for edge AI applications.

Moreover, the company is confident that leveraging software-driven hardware solutions will facilitate the integration of edge AI capabilities into current systems. This approach may enable businesses to maximize their hardware investments and access new edge AI technology benefits.

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