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EdgeCortix forecasts AI will redefine business in 2024

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EdgeCortix forecasts AI will redefine business in 2024

EdgeCortix, a Japan-based fabless semiconductor company, foresees 2024 as a pivotal year for edge AI.

The company says that next-gen AI chips, hybrid edge-cloud architectures, software dominance, and generative AI applications are driving a transformative shift in the business landscape.

Sakyasingha Dasgupta, the CEO and founder of EdgeCortix, emphasizes that “AI is a catalyst for transformation.”

As such, the company notes that efficient edge AI chips are expected to revolutionize processing power and offer custom capabilities for generative AI and language models.

EdgeCortix also predicts a rise in hybrid edge-cloud architectures that combine edge devices and cloud resources. This integration aims to enhance multi-modal generative AI and language models at the edge, resulting in fast responsiveness, reduced latency and increased scalability for edge AI applications.

Further, the company believes that harnessing software-driven hardware solutions will pave the way for edge AI capabilities on existing systems. The company notes that this will empower businesses to capitalize on current hardware investments and unlock new edge AI benefits.

According to Mohammed Dogar, the VP and head of global business development & ecosystem at Renesas Electronics Corporation, AI is constantly evolving, particularly within the diverse edge ecosystem.

“We understand the critical role of software and hardware synergy and the emergence of Generative AI at the edge in 2024,” Dogar adds.

Moreover, the edge will transform with the advent of GenAI solutions. To address the changing demands of employees and customers, companies should adapt by tailoring experiences and enhancing efficiency, EdgeCortix states.

AI became ubiquitous in 2023, and this trend will continue into 2024. EdgeCortex expects advancements in fields such as robotics, healthcare and education. The company says that even domains like fashion and music will witness AI-driven innovations.

EdgeCortix aims to transform the edge AI hardware space in various industries such as defense, aerospace, smart cities, industry 4.0, autonomous vehicles and robotics. The company raised $20 million last fall to further tech development and global expansion.

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