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Premio adds two new products to its roster for faster processing and compute performance

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Premio adds two new products to its roster for faster processing and compute performance

Premio Inc, a rugged edge/embedded computing and industrial display technology provider, has introduced upgrades to its rugged computing lineup with the incorporation of Intel 11th Generation Celeron processors in its latest offerings, the Modular Panel PC PC-100-EHL and the IP69K Waterproof Computer WCO-3000-EHL. These enhancements aim to deliver improved processing power and performance.

According to the company, the PC-100-EHL is a versatile panel PC designed to integrate into diverse industrial settings. Its multi-mode design, alongside Premio’s VIO-200 IP65 industrial touchscreen series, creates a panel PC solution offering flexibility and modular configurations.

This flexibility allows system integrators to mix and match display sizes ranging from 12.1” to 24”, without incurring additional costs for replacing the industrial PC unit. Powered by the Intel Celeron J6413 processor, the PC-100-EHL aims to ensure swift responsiveness, catering to various industrial touchscreen applications such as smart agriculture and industrial HMI automation.

Key features of the PC-100-EHL include the Intel 11th Generation Celeron J6413 processor, support for triple independent displays, hot-swappable external SATA drive, M.2 B + E Key for wireless connectivity, and TPM 2.0 for data security.

The company notes that the WCO-3000-EHL represents Premio’s commitment to providing solutions capable of withstanding harsh conditions. This waterproof edge computer boasts a full-system IP68/69K rating, making it resilient against water and debris. Equipped with the Intel 11th Generation Celeron J6413 processor, the WCO-3000-EHL also features robust M12 I/O connectors, compatibility with edge AI via HAILO-8, power ignition management, onboard CANbus, and TPM 2.0 for data security, Premio unveils.

The company also notes that these upgrades underline Premio’s dedication to meeting the evolving demands of industrial applications. The modular designs and rugged architecture offer OEM system builders more options for deploying solutions in challenging environments, where conventional computing solutions may prove insufficient.

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