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EdgeCortix introduces SAKURA-II edge AI accelerator for genAI applications

EdgeCortix, a Japanese fabless semiconductor company, has unveiled the SAKURA-II edge AI accelerator, specifically designed to deliver high performance and…


EdgeCortix gears up to launch edge computing AI chip at Singapore Airshow 2024

EdgeCortix, a Japanese semiconductor company, will introduce its flagship product, the SAKURA-I chip, at the Singapore Airshow 2024. The company…


EdgeCortix forecasts AI will redefine business in 2024

EdgeCortix, a Japan-based fabless semiconductor company, foresees 2024 as a pivotal year for edge AI. The company says that next-gen…


EdgeCortix is an Edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform company, pioneering the future of the connected intelligent edge. It was founded…


EdgeCortix raises $20 million for technology development and global expansion

EdgeCortix, a company specializing in edge artificial intelligence solutions, has concluded an additional funding round, securing a total of $20…


EdgeCortix’s Sakura-I chip selected by BittWare for AI inference solutions

BittWare, an embedded hardware manufacturer, has incorporated the Sakura-I chip into its AI inference-optimized ASIC-based acceleration solutions. Sakura-I is a…

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