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DataBank joins digital infrastructure carbon neutrality agreement

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DataBank joins digital infrastructure carbon neutrality agreement

DataBank announced that it joined a carbon neutrality pact that assembled over 70 of the biggest players in the digital infrastructure industry to minimize their contribution to climate change.

The Texas data center operator says in a press release that it is a founding member of the Infrastructure Masons Climate Accord (ICA), an agreement from digital infrastructure companies like hyperscalers Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, Meta, and Microsoft, to reach net-zero carbon dioxide emissions.

The ICA says it is the first of its kind in the industry and aims to achieve its goals by increasing the transparency, effectiveness, and cost-efficiency of sustainable data center design, construction, and operation choices, thus reducing obstacles to sustainable practices.

Raul K. Martynek, CEO of DataBank, says, “We are honored to be a part of this important initiative. When it comes to accommodating the growing demand for data-driven computing while minimizing the effects of climate change, we’re all in this together. It’s amazing to see these key players in the data center industry coming together to play a proactive role in shaping the best possible future.”

DataBank says its facilities currently incorporate modular designs and energy-efficient technologies to build sustainable data center solutions. Other green initiatives in the field include HostDime’s solar-powered data center in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

A key aspiration for the ICA is an open standard of reporting carbon in data center materials and products, carbon intensity in power consumption, and a maturity model for reporting participant progress. The ICA says its next step is to “identify and establish an independent governing body to adopt or develop a standard methodology for measuring carbon in digital infrastructure and ensuring transparency.”

Though not usually considered a major polluter, research has pointed to the increasing energy demand by data centers and the polluting materials used by the digital infrastructure industry as an intensifying cause of climate change. The International Energy Agency says more efforts are needed from the data center industry to mitigate its contribution to climate change.

“It’s important for IT ecosystem partners to collaborate to enhance environmental responsibility. It is our responsibility as a collective industry to help sustain the earth for generations to come, and I believe that together, we can achieve net zero,” Martynek remarks.

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