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Awake.AI partners with Intel on smart port using edge tech

Awake.AI partners with Intel on smart port using edge tech

Awake.AI, a Finnish maritime logistics company, has announced a partnership with Intel on a smart port solution leveraging edge technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G to increase efficiency with maritime cargo flows.

In a briefing document, Awake.AI notes inefficiencies and risks at ports caused by ineffective use of space, problems with the movement of goods, and manual reporting processes that contribute to safety hazards, supply chain disruptions, and business harms. It is a vulnerability that was exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, which narrowed the bottleneck of marine transportation.

Awake.AI hopes to rectify these logistical roadblocks with a port yard situational awareness solution that leverages computer vision technology, internet of things (IoT), machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and 5G to monitor cargo from arrival to departure. With the partnership, the company will use Intel Atom, Core, and Xeon processors and as well as the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO that enables optimization of AI using inference tools.

The edge-to-cloud platform acquires computer vision data with Lidar and cameras to optimize the arrival and departure of land traffic and detect congestion to reroute port gates and inner area traffic with machine learning that detects objects in the port yard. It also provides alerts of disruptions, and AI algorithms can predict key events for preparation.

The company says it will benefit port stakeholders with better use of capacity, efficient port calls, real-time communication aided by AI and computer vision insights, and improved planning and risk management for cargo supply chains. Awake.AI also says it reduces the environmental impact by reducing port area emissions.

“Smart Port as a Service and our cooperation with Awake.AI have great potential to revolutionize trade and to make it more sustainable,”  says Maurits Tichelman, vice president of sales and marketing at Intel. “We can help transportation providers turn data into insights to achieve fast, efficient and informed use of transportation resources.”

Similar developments using edge technology to optimize the seaside movement of goods include the Port of Antwerp, where drones connected with 5G detect floating debris, pollution, and fires to build a safer and smoother port environment.

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