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Cysec, Avassa provide a secure solution for managing data at the edge

Cysec, Avassa provide a secure solution for managing data at the edge

Cysec, a provider of secure operative systems, and Avassa, an edge application orchestration platform, have teamed up to help users manage edge applications on Cysec’s Arca OS. According to the companies, this combination of a trusted operating system and an edge application orchestration platform benefits various industries, such as manufacturing, automotive, hospitality and retail.

In the retail industry, data security is crucial. For example, it is risky if businesses do not protect information during payment processing. According to the companies, Arca Trusted OS provides a secure solution for managing customer data in a distributed architecture. Furthermore, Avassa’s container deployment platform’s agility from cloud to edge offers a perfect match to run mission-critical operations in multiple geographies.

“In the retail industry, a massive amount of data must be ‘in use’ such as payment transactions and it is crucial for it to be protected while it is being processed,” said Luca Gabella, VP of sales edge computing of Cysec. “Arca Trusted OS is a really good fit for this security case study as it brings hardware and OS hardened security layers into the process where it occurs, i.e. in the shops. Its combination with the agility of Avassa’s container deployment platform from cloud to edge offers a perfect match to run mission-critical operations in multiple geographies.”

Cysec and Avassa say that their joint solution provides customers with the flexibility, speed and security necessary to manage their edge applications effectively. It is especially important as analysts expect the edge computing market to grow significantly in the coming years. According to Gartner, 75% of enterprise-managed data will be created and processed outside the data center or cloud by 2025.

With this rapid growth, the companies believe their solution will be well-positioned to enable users to manage and secure data at the edge effectively.

“Protecting applications and data in edge environments with limited or no perimeter security is rapidly becoming top-of-mind for decision-makers across several verticals,” said Carl Moberg, CTO at Avassa. “The combination of deep hardware and OS-layer security capabilities provided by Cysec, and the application-centric management and orchestration provided by Avassa gives application teams the same level of automation and infrastructure security they know from central clouds, but at the edge.”

In the past few months, Avassa also partnered with other vendors. For example, Avassa recently collaborated with Scale Computing, an edge computing vendor, to provide a comprehensive IT solution for businesses wanting to upgrade their IT infrastructure. Before that, Avassa partnered with to create a software stack to manage edge environments more securely and efficiently.

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