, Avassa work on efficient edge orchestration, Avassa work on efficient edge orchestration and Avassa have collaborated to develop a complete software stack for the efficient and secure management of edge environments. The software aims to reduce the escalating work pressure on the IT teams working on the management of the edge-native software applications.

The huge need for faster data processing at the edge locations and quick, actionable insights have boosted the demand for secure IT infrastructure management. Avassa and Sunlight together say they can provide a solution that targets a wide range of industries, including retail stores, hospitals, and factories.

“Combining our application-centric edge orchestration platform with Sunlight’s state-of-the-art hyperconverged edge solutions, enterprises get a solid and secure edge orchestration solution built to delight application teams — and strengthen their innovation power through edge initiatives,” said Carl Moberg, CTO, and co-founder of Avassa.

Avassa has been working on delivering efficient management tools for containerized applications. The Avassa orchestration platform is primarily developed for use cases where applications are deployed in a large number of edge locations and the user requires precise control of application placement. NexVisor Hypervisor is built to support high-performance hardware technologies with minimum overhead. The solution delivers improved performance to operate on custom hardware in the cloud, including AWS and on low-power edge devices.

“In an ideal world, enterprises would both be able to consume their edge computing infrastructure ‘as a service’ while also easily deploying and managing their applications from a central, remote location,” said Andy Brewerton, chief strategy officer of Sunlight. “Partnering with Avassa makes this edge application orchestration possible at scale.” and Avassa have something else in common: they have both been recognized as 2022 Gartner Cool Vendors for edge computing. recently announced enhancements to its NexVisor hyperconverged stack to support the Nvidia Jetson Platform running on the enterprise-focused Lenovo SE70 edge AI system. On the other hand, Avassa partnered with Hivecell to develop a cloud-based orchestration solution for edge computing platforms, helping enterprises with deploying software applications at scale.

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