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Cribl raises $150M for building next-gen edge data observability solutions

Cribl raises $150M for building next-gen edge data observability solutions

Cribl, a startup offering data observability products, has raised $150 million in a Series D funding round to continue investing in becoming a fully-focused data observability company serving enterprises and small-scale businesses.

Oberservability is becoming a critical issue for enterprises as applications and IT architectures become more distributed; tools for maintaining application uptime in serverless and other fast scaling environments are needed, and the result is a stream of funding for observabilitiy companies.

Cribl’s funding round was led by Tiger Global with participation from some of the existing financial supporters IVP, CRV, Redpoint Ventures, Sequoia, and Greylock Partners, bringing the total raised to over $400 million.

Along with the funding news, Cribl also announced Cribl Search, a federated query engine for observability and security data. Due to the increasing amount of data at the edge, in the stream, and in the observability lake, the company said Cribl Search will cost-effectively query a massive amount of data. The tool allows users to use improved capacity at the edge, summarize results in the stream, or search observability data across storage locations.

The announcement marks a significant shift from an observability pipeline company to a full data observability suite designed for enterprises that plan to upgrade their existing observability infrastructure.

“Cribl is taking an innovative approach to modernizing the search experience for cybersecurity and operations teams,” said Chris DePuy, a technology analyst and founder of 650 Group. “By making data discoverable and searchable without having to first move it, Cribl Search offers the broadest visibility and accelerates troubleshooting, security investigations, and operational efficiencies while still giving its customers choice and control over how they use their observability data.”

Saying it wanted to provide freedom from vendor lock-in, Cribl entered the data observability market for enterprises with Cribl Stream, an observability pipeline solution that enables customers to manage telemetry data. Following this, the startup announced Cribl Edge, a fully manageable, auto-configurable platform designed for collecting telemetry data from VMs, containers and servers at scale. As the name suggests, Cribl Edge enabled the processing at the source location by utilizing the extra capacity of the edge networks.

In terms of numbers, Cribl has grown the number of employees along with increasing the revenue by 300% in 2021. The investment is expected to be used to develop next-gen data observability solutions. The company has also started a new organization called Cribl 021 to incubate new products and ideas and bring them to the market.

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