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NTT Ltd. is a leading, global technology services company. We’re here to enable the connected future. We come together to make the world a better place, and every day we use the power of technology to make it happen. We employ curious people who are ready to change the world. Through the work we do with our clients and in our communities, we find ways that technology can make a positive impact. We call it technology for good. That’s our focus and it extends well beyond the bottom line. We believe in using technology for good. This means helping organizations and society transform and move into the future with a partner they can trust. At the heart of our business are relationships built on loyalty, commitment and a shared belief in what’s possible when we work together: a better world for us all to live in. Working with organizations around the world, we achieve business outcomes through intelligent technology solutions. For more information on edge computing services, visit 

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NTT, Chunghwa Telecom to establish international network connectivity for distributed computing

NTT Corporation, a global technology services company, has announced a partnership with Chunghwa Telecom to develop international network connectivity using…

Oct 17, 2023

NTT, Qualcomm collaborate on private 5G networks and AI at the edge adoption

NTT Limited, a provider of IT infrastructure and services, has formed a strategic partnership with Qualcomm Technologies in a bid…

Sep 22, 2023

NTT, NCNP’s brain digital twin tech aims to revamp disease prevention

NTT Corporation (NTT), a provider of IT infrastructure and services, and the National Center for Neurology and Psychiatry (NCNP) have…

Jul 18, 2023

NTT enhances Tour de France experience with edge, IoT and ChatGPT tech

Global IT infrastructure and services provider NTT Ltd has announced that it is enhancing its technology offering for the Tour…

May 30, 2023

NTT, Cisco team up to develop an enterprise IoT as-a-Service

NTT, an IT services and infrastructure company, and Cisco have partnered to create and deploy edge and IoT solutions to…

May 12, 2023

NTT, MIT Researchers develop technique for efficient AI on IoT edge devices

A group of scientists, including researchers from NTT Research, MIT and the Physics and Informatics (PHI) Lab, recently demonstrated a…

Apr 10, 2023

NTT, SES collaborate to expand edge computing and 5G capabilities over 190 countries

NTT Limited, a global network service solutions provider, has teamed up with SES, an operator of a multi-orbit constellation of…

Apr 4, 2023

Rafay Systems adds self-service capabilities for Kubernetes developers via Environment Manager

Rafay Systems, a company specializing in Kubernetes management solutions, has announced the availability of an Environment Manager on its Kubernetes…

Mar 7, 2023

Cisco, NTT to deploy private 5G networks for Industry 4.0 capabilities

Cisco is working with NTT, a provider of IT infrastructure and services, to develop a private 5G network that serves…

Sep 7, 2022

NTT launches Edge-as-a-Service solution powered by VMware’s edge compute stack

NTT Limited, known for its network service offerings, has announced a product portfolio in edge computing for industrial automation. The…

Mar 18, 2022

NTT, Schneider Electric to build private 5G to connect IoT, edge AI at showcase Smart Factory

NTT Ltd. is collaborating with Schneider Electric to deliver Private 5G (P5G) – an on-premise private network solution and digitization enabling platform…

Jan 19, 2022

NTT debuts edge compute service with flat rate pricing, targets manufacturing

NTT Communications Corporation has announced the immediate launch of “SDPF Edge,” an edge-computing service with integrated operations available for a…

Aug 16, 2021

Launching private LTE/5G a go with NaaS, says NTT

NTT has launched its NTT’s Private 5G platform (P5G), the first globally available private LTE/5G Network-as-a-Service platform. With a complete…

Sep 16, 2020

NTT partners with AlefEdge for edge platform offering in India

NTT Ltd. and AlefEdge announced a collaboration in India to deliver the power of 5G based edge internet to application developers through…

Sep 10, 2020

NTT develops distributed deep learning for edge computing

Researchers at NTT, a global provider of telecoms and IT services, have developed software and algorithms that lets computers distributed…

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